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All website owners are required by EU law to disclose to website users how they use cookies and other similar technologies, and to get their consent before doing so.

Cookie Consent

Our Cookie Popup will be shown when you visit our website for the first time. The "ACCEPT" button must be clicked by you.

What exactly are cookies?

The websites you visit send little text files called cookies to your computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. On your computer, cookies are kept in the browser's file directory. In order for the website to identify your browser and enhance your user experience on each subsequent visit, your browser transmits these cookies back to the website each time you visit it. For instance, cookies let us customize a website to better reflect your interests or save your password so you don't have to input it each time.

Please be aware that without cookies, certain features of our website may not operate at all or may not function properly.

Please visit: -or-       to learn more about cookies and how they function.

Types of cookies

Cookies may be classified into the following groups based on how they work and what they are meant to do: strictly necessary cookies, performance cookies, functional cookies and targeting cookies.

  • Strictly necessary cookies
    Cookies that are strictly necessary are needed in order to use our websites and their essential features. Cookies used for logins, shopping carts, or to remember your cookie preferences are a few examples of cookies that are strictly essential. Certain fundamental functionality cannot be provided without certain cookies. The placement of strictly essential cookies will occur without your knowledge and they are constantly active.
    If data processed in connection with technically essential cookies should be considered personal data, the legitimate interest to run the website is the legal basis for such processing (Article 6 (1) lit. (f) GDPR).

  • Performance cookies
    Your use of our websites is tracked by performance cookies, often known as analytics cookies. Examples of information they collect include your internet browser, operating system, websites you've visited, how long you spent on each, the most popular websites you've visited, issues you've encountered, and the number of times you visited each one. Aggregated and anonymized data were gathered. No one may identify themselves personally. Only the user experience of our websites is evaluated and improved by it.
    If any performance cookie-related data is processed that falls under the definition of personal data under GDPR's Article 6(1)(a)(ii), then that processing is only permitted with your consent.

  • Functional cookies
    Functional cookies allow websites to save data and selections you've already made (such your username, language choices, layout preferences, contact preferences, or location) so they can provide you with more tailored features. In addition, they are employed to make services like video playback possible.
    Your consent is the legal basis for any processing of information related to functional cookies that should qualify as personal data (see GDPR's Article 6(1), lit. (a)).

  • Targeting cookies
    Targeting cookies, also known as cookies for marketing, are used for providing you with more pertinent and interest-specific content, to lower the frequency at which adverts are displayed, and to assess the effectiveness of an ad campaign. They keep track of what material you utilized, whether you visited a website that was promoted or not. Third parties, such as advertisers, may have access to this information.
    Your consent is the legal justification for the use of your personal data in conjunction with targeted cookies (if any) (Article 6(1)(a) GDPR).

Our website uses cookies.

In our Privacy Center, you can discover more in-depth information on the cookies we use. Here, you may also provide or withdraw your consent and/or alter your cookie at any moment.

This Cookie Policy is updated from time to time.

September 2022